Here at Pearsons we like idea of full traceability of our meat products.  So that's why we always use local producers to supply our beef, lamb, poultry and pork - it means we can provide you with excellent quality, value and flavour.

Our Beef

Our beef comes from trusted suppliers in Tameside and Oldham and we sell a wide variety of beef products, from mince meat to prime beef joints.  All beef is hung on the bone for 7 days to allow the meat to relax before processing; after another 14 days of maturing it is ready to prepare and display for sale.  That's British beef at its best.

Our Lamb

Our delicious lamb is the very best quality available so why not try our joints, our chops or our offal?  Sourced from local farms around the North West, all our lambs are hung for up to 7 days on the bone to help with the natural ageing process and to ensure maximum flavour.

Pearsons Butchers Pork

Our Pork

There are many different kinds of pork available but here at Pearsons, we like to  bring you the highest quality available.  All our pork products are Derbyshire free range pork, from our succulent chops and joints to our delicious ribs.

We use this top quality pork in all our sausages, for which we have won many awards.

We also cure the pork loins and bellies to produce our award winning bacon.

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