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Beef recipe

How to cook the perfect steak – the Pearsons way

Make sure your steak hits the spot!

We source only the best quality prime British beef, reared to assured standards and matured to bring out its natural succulent flavours.

To make sure you get the most out of your steak, just follow the instructions we have prepared - however you like it, from rare to well done.



Seared outside, 2.5 minutes each side, 75% red centre.  Internal temperature: 30-51 deg C.  Should feel soft and spongy with slight resistance.



Seared outside, 3-4 minutes each side, 50% red centre.  Internal temperature: 57-63 deg C.  Should feel fairly soft, fairly spongy and slightly springy.



Seared outside, 4 minutes each side, 25% red centre.  Internal temperature: 63-68 deg C.  Should feel firm and springy.



6 minutes each side, 100% brown throughout.  Internal temperature: 77 deg C.  Should feel very firm and will spring back quickly.


However you cook yours - ENJOY!

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